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Circumcision vs. HIV epidemics around the world

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A world map shows shows lower percentages of men circumcised in most countries outside Africa than in Africa. Countries and regions where circumcision is less common include China (0.1% of adults aged 15-49 are HIV-positive), India (o.3% of adults HIV-positive), Latin America and the Caribbean (0.4% of adults HIV-positive) and Europe (0.4% of adults HIV-positive [see annex 8 in this link]).

But even these data overstate the impact of an intact penis on men’s risk for HIV outside Africa. Only a small minority of HIV-positive men outside Africa got HIV through their penis. Most HIV-positive infected men outside Africa got HIV through their anus (from receptive anal sex with another man) or through their arm (from unsterile injections of illegal drugs).

Notably, the map (see above link) showing mostly intact men outside Africa (see above link) is on a pro-circumcision website — which is curious, because the obvious conclusion to draw from the map is that circumcision does not explain differences in HIV epidemics between countries.

[We’d like to add more data here. Do you have or know of a good on-line or published data set giving % of men circumcised vs % of adults HIV positive for African and non-African countries?]

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