Don't Get Stuck With HIV

Protect yourself from HIV during healthcare and cosmetic services

India: cases and investigations

Unexpected HIV infections in children and mothers, 1995-2003: Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi diagnosed 109 children aged 3 weeks to 15 years with HIV infections during 1995-2003. For 21 children (19%) infections were suspected to have come from blood transfusions. For another 7 children (6.4%) with HIV-negative mothers, no risk was identified. The study assumed vertical transmission for 81 children (72%) because mothers were HIV-positive. For at least 13 of these HIV-positive mothers, infections appeared to have come from health care; these 13 women had HIV-negative husbands, reported no high-risk sexual behaviors, and had been transfused during surgery or delivery. Source: Lodha R, Upadhyay A, Kapoor V, et al. Clinical profile and natural history of children with HIV infection. Ind J Pediatr 2006; 73: 201-204. Abstract available at: (accessed 13 January 2012).


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